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Vibratory Plates with RC

DPU 130

The vibratory plate with the performance of a 7 t roller The DPU 130 is the most powerful vibratory plate in the market. With its 130 kN centrifugal force and operating width of 120 cm, it easily reaches the productivity of a 7 t roller – but is much more cost-effective, thanks to the lower... Read more »

DPU 100-70

Powerful performance in two and three-piece sets Create a coupled set by hitching two or three machines of the DPU 100-70 Les model together. The coupled set it designed for compacting large areas of ballast, for instance in track laying. Unbeatable flexibility for any construction company with the coupling set: Depending on the requirements of... Read more »

DPU 7060

Ideal for trench work: Compact with a smart safety concept Thanks to its low height, the remote controlled DPU 7060 is perfectly suited for trench work as well as deployment in shafts and dikes. And the way it meets even the most stringent safety requirements is unrivaled. A model with speed control is available to... Read more »