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Ride on Rollers

Great agility and good visibility, thanks to the articulated joint.

The ride-on rollers RD 16 and RD 27 achieve a high standard of asphalt compaction. They are equipped with a double drum drive, resulting in outstanding traction properties. The RD rollers can be operated with either one or two vibrating drums. The drums are available in different widths. In addition, the RD 27 offers a choice between a low or high compaction level and therefore adapts flexibly to the job in hand. The lower centrifugal force works perfectly for asphalt compaction, while the higher one is ideally suited for compacting granular material.

  • The air filter system features a two-stage cyclone filter and an easy to understand filter maintenance indicator.
  • The pressure controlled spraying system is equipped with a three-stage filter system. The different settings of the time interval switch allow for regulation of the water flow according to the type of asphalt.
  • The RD rollers can be driven right up do the edge since they do not protrude at either the front or the rear.
  • The ergonomically designed, spring-mounted adjustable seat gives the operator outstanding all-round visibility. An efficient vibration decoupling system means the operator experiences less vibrations.
  • RD 16: The rear platform and the front hood fold upward. That gives complete access to the engine and makes maintenance easy.