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GV Range

Three performance classes for reliable power supply

The economical synchronous generators of the GV range guarantee a reliable and consistent power output even during long hours of continuous operation. The GV range includes models in three different performance classes for AC and three-phase electric power generation. These portable generators are equally at home in industrial, professional and agricultural use as they are on construction sites.

  • The generator is equipped with an additional cover for maximum protection of the tank and sockets even on the most rugged construction sites.
  • The large capacity fuel tank offers long run times between fills.
  • The Honda 4-cycle engines combine reliable power output with a long service life. And they start like a dream.
  • The device does not need to be grounded. Thus it is easily transported and quickly ready for action.
  • Compact, low design for easy transport and storage.


Model variations

GV 2500A Maximum output: 2.36 kVA
GV 5000A Maximum output: 4.44 kVA
GV 5003A Maximum output: 5.38 kVA
GV 7000A Maximum output: 6.05 kVA
GV 7003A Maximum output: 7.45 kVA



All-rounders with added safety features

When it comes to supplying electricity, the portable generators of the G-range are the all-rounders. They provide reliable power for construction, industrial, commercial, agricultural and D-I-Y applications. They are equipped with added safety features for the protection of the user.

  • Both models are equipped with an isolation monitor, which provides added security for the operator.
  • The electronic voltage control supplies the sinusoidal output voltage of the G 7AI. The device is dust and splash proof (IP 54). It also complies with the requirements of Standard GW 308 of the DVGW regulation.
  • The GS 12AI has an extremely high reserve capacity: It can handle equipment with a starting current of up to 4 times the nominal current value.
  • The Honda 4-cycle engine impresses with its easy start, reliable strong performance, and a long service life.
  • The large capacity tank ensures long run times between fills.

Model variations

G 7AI Maximum output: 7.4 kVA
GS 12AI Maximum output: 13.9 kVA