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Excavator Range

1 ton Wacker Neuson 803 1.76m 700 – 860 mm 1.5m Rops Folded 1,029-1,089 kg
1 ton Wacker Neuson  803 Dual Power & HPU8 Unit 1.76m 700-860 mm 1.5m Rops Folded 1,052-1,112 kg
1.5 ton Wacker Neuson ET16 2.24m 990 – 1.3m 2.28m 1,529 – 1,720
1.5 ton Wacker Neuson 1404 2.24m 990 – 1.3m 2.28m 3,371 – 3,792
1.5 ton Wacker Neuson EZ17 2.32m 990 – 1.3m 2.36m 1,724 – 1,950 kg
2 ton Wacker Neuson ET18 2.19m 990 – 1.3m 2.29m 1,725 – 2,203 kg
2.5 ton Wacker Neuson ET24 2.42m 1.4m 2.39m 2,200 – 2,544 kg
3 ton Wacker Neuson EZ28 2.54m 1.57m 2.41m 2,735 – 3,382 kg
3 ton Wacker Neuson EZ28 VDS 2.54m 1.57m 2.41m 2,735 – 3,382 kg
6.5 ton Wacker Neuson ET65 3.82m 1.95m 2.48m 6,078 – 9,954 kg
7.5 ton Wacker Neuson 75Z3 4m 2.3m 2.67m 7,820 – 9,240 kg
9 ton Wacker Neuson ET90 4.32m 2.25m 2.56m 8,710 – 9,988 kg
14ton HIDROMEK 140LC 8.78m 2.5m 2.88m 14,550kg
15ton Wacker Neuson 14504 5m 2.49m 2.79m 15,175-17,233 kg
22ton HIDROMEK 220LC 6.67m 2.6m 2.92m 22,950kg
9.5ton HIDROMEK 102B Supra Backhoe Loader 4.41m 2.44 (with bucket) 3.6m(to top of arm) 9,500kg



You can call us on 01525 270 741 to enquire about any of our hire range, alternatively you can email us from our contact page

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V8 Stock cars tour

TJC Plant Group Ltd

1 year 3 months ago

Our very own Colin "Monster" Moss!!! We wish him all the best in 2019

Another driver who is taking on the tour in 2019 is the driver of the #85 Wacker Neuson TJC Plant Group Ltd liveried machine Colin Moss.
After a very successful couple of seasons challenging for the point championship in his previous formula, Colin could be one of the early season favorites.
Everyone here at the V8 Stock cars tour is looking forward to seeing Colin " Monster" Moss perform.